It’s All About the Cookie Today

posted April 12th, 2017 by

The Fun Dept. is super excited to recognize a new client of ours, Citizens Bank Minnesota.  Gayle Cartier, The Fun Dept. Certified Trainer in Minnesota had the opportunity to work closely with their team and had a few insights to share as she witnessed the value of fun within their work environment:

“When I met with Citizens Bank internal ‘fun dept.,’ they mentioned that employees are asking ‘what’s happening next?’ Customers are already noticing that things are happening, and they are even asking, ‘What are you guys doing next?’ There is anticipation being created in even a few short months. What excites me is seeing the depth of which this work at fun (insert smile here) can do. Having some fun truly has the power to shift someone’s whole day. Fun, when done correctly, builds resilience, aliveness, and trust within an organization. It is powerful and so often overlooked within an organization. Citizens Bank is an amazing client because they get it.  Fun within an organization is about doing business in a better way – a human way!”

Jean Geistfeld, their Marketing Director, also shared a few of her thoughts:

“Citizens has put an importance of maintaining a FUN workplace culture for several years. We have found it to be so incredibly beneficial in many ways. To freshen things up, we began working with The Fun Dept. just a few months ago. They have helped us build a year of fun that is not expensive, doesn’t take a bunch of time away from work, and has really been popular with all staff. Their method helps engage all types of personalities and make everyone feel comfortable. We love working with Gayle Cartier, our Fun Guru, and I would recommend any company looking to increase employee retention and increase profits to take a serious look at this FUN approach to business.”  

Check out the quick video above in honor of National Oreo Cookie Day to see how quick & simple a little fun can be!

You can follow Citizens Bank Minnesota on Twitter @citizensmn to see more of what is going on within their company.

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