And The Team Keeps Growing!

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Please welcome a few of the newest members to The Fun Dept. Certified Referral Partnership Program, Bob Ferguson and Mia Hanson. Not only are Bob & Mia well-traveled and just straight up fun people, they are both Certified Predictive Index Partners too, which I’ll let them explain in further detail.  So let’s give them a big high five and welcome them aboard!

Welcome to the team, Bob. So I have to ask first off, what is fun for you?

That’s a good question, how long do we have? Personally, hanging with the family, cooking, playing golf, and just being competitive.

Professionally, our company helps businesses tackle problems big & small through the lens of people.  With the Predictive Index & now The Fun Dept., we make that happen at work every day. As we all know, highly engaged employees feel a sense of ownership and purpose in their job. They want to be trusted and respected in their role & they need to feel supported every step of the way. We have learned, though, that every employee has different drives & needs. It’s up to managers to realize that different communication, motivation, & management techniques should be tailored to the needs of each employee.  Good managers take the time to get to know their employees on a personal level & foster an environment where it is safe to communicate, share ideas, & challenge one another.  We help companies do just that, and that’s what’s fun!

That’s great! So when & how did you stumble upon The Fun Dept.?

A friend, Irina Baranov, introduced me to Nick. She said, “You have to meet this guy. He’s part of a company that is a great fit.” That was last fall. Since then, we’ve been working to develop a program utilizing both the power of PI & the fun of the Fun Dept., which has led to announce my new job title, “The Prince of Collaboration!”

How do you see FUN being an effective tool within the workplace?

Well, people spend most of their lifetime working, so why not make it a little fun?! I think most people would agree with me in that I’ll take a group of people who like to have fun over those who don’t anytime. In my experience, if you are having fun, you are winning.

Tell me more about the Predictive Index.

PI is a great tool for understanding people behaviors, their needs, & what drives them. Whether you’re trying to hire someone, build teams, develop people, or just put the right people in the right seat, that’s what PI is all about. It’s a simple assessment that helps you predict not so much what a person can do, as what a person is most likely to do from a behavioral standpoint. I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “Hired for what you know. Fired for who you are.”  PI helps you avoid those situations.

Again, that’s pretty cool. How do you see PI & The Fun Dept. side by side bringing value to companies & organizations?

We’re really excited about this opportunity! We believe that PI & The Fun Dept. are a match made for each other! Over 50% of our PI work is around team building & development and as The Fun Dept. team reiterates, ‘the employee experience.’ We believe combining the behavioral analytics of PI with the fun ideas/activities developed by the The Fun Dept. Creative Team, we have more to offer our clients together. Let’s call it the X-Factor for creating the best employee experience going forward.

I completely agree! Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

We look forward to working with them and The Fun Dept. in the near future!

Thanks a ton! If you would like to learn more about Bob Ferguson, Mia Hanson, & PI…

Call, email or visit our website to learn more
Bob 215-882-4102
Mia 919-995-3010