The Jellybean Jamboree

posted April 12th, 2017 by

It’s time again for another Fun Freebie from The Fun Dept. and for this month’s edition, we decided to share something one of our clients is actually going to be doing for their employees this week, as spring is springing and people find themselves on the never ending quest to develop “fun” for their team members, associates, and people!

This week, our client is having their “Jellybean Jamboree”. And, the activity is really quite simple.

Find a jar that has sides that you cannot see in – an old coffee can, or even a mason jar with duct tape to cover any spots someone could see through the glass into the jar should suffice. Into the mystery jar, add as many jelly beans as you want.

For the next few days or weeks (see how long the fun lasts) allow people to guess how many jelly beans they think are in the covered container. Have a score card that accompanies the jar around the office all month and have people write their name and their guess. The person who guesses the closest without going over, wins!

And, for a real twist, add a mixture of skittles, M&M’s and jelly beans (or anything else really) to throw off those guesses but maintain that the guesses are for how many jelly beans are in this thing. C’mon people, this is supposed to be fun. Plus, we really just wanted to see if our client would read this post all the way to the end (*WINK!). Good luck! Have fun.