It is a pleasure to reintroduce a great friend of The Fun Dept.,  how to do a good essay Ralph Lardieri,our Wellness Engagement Specialist extraordinaire (pictured above with his three boys).  Ralph is extremely passionate about corporate wellness and the value of fun in the workplace!  We are collectively preparing a  Corporate Wellness Program which will include ‘fun’ as the motivational drive for behavior change!  We are beyond hyped about this innovative approach to corporate wellness and would like to take this opportunity for you, our readers, to sit in on a brief conversation I had with Ralph earlier this month:

Jess: So Ralph, when did you find yourself drawn to corporate wellness?

Ralph: While in college as a Health Education major, I learned about Corporate Wellness and how it started –The Johnson & Johnson Corporation in the mid 70s.

The concept was simple and very powerful: healthy, happy, and fit employees are more productive, innovative, and resilient. They improve company profitability by reducing healthcare cost, reducing accidents and incidents, and improving production and company culture.

J: That totally makes sense!  Can you share with us one of your best & most memorable stories from your 30-some years in the corporate wellness industry?

R: When I was hired by Wawa to be their first ever Wellness Manager.  I was able to create and implement a success employee wellness program.  The Wawa team values their employees and wants them to be the best they can be at work and at home.  This program helped Wawa achieve their mission!

J: In your professional opinion, what is the value of investing in an employee wellness program?

R: It’s an investment in people, the most valuable resource for any company.

People drive success in business. It’s not surprising that most, if not all, Fortune 500 companies have wellness programs. Healthcare cost, productivity, profitability, and culture are closely connected to the health and well-being of employees.

J: In the great words of Tina Turner (well sort of), “what’s fun got to do with it?”

R: EVERYTHING!  I learned early in my career that fear is not a good motivator for change. Fun is the positive, motivating force that impacts physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy vital to overall health, well-being, and behavior change.
Welcome back to the team, Ralph!  We are excited to join with you in offering a complete Employee Wellness Program that truly works for any and all industries!