Leeza Carlone Steindorf

Certified Training Partner · Portland, OR

On Duty: As the Queen of Connection, or Goddess of Goofiness depending on the day, you’ll find me either creating effective communication, encouraging collaboration or making strategic planning fun. (Yes, for real!) My passion and skills are in facilitating groups and guiding them through process all the while coming from the heart and striving toward fun. It’s a match made in heaven for this seasoned business management expert. (See, we need fun just to overcome such official titles floating around …)

Off Duty: As a global transplant, I’m an odd duck wherever I go. So, I’ll be the one overly dressed, looking amazed and asking what that word really means (naivety is never embarrassing when you are the Goddess of Goofiness). As an Italian, I love dancing, food and music (not necessarily in that order). And, I love people who are dancing, eating and loving music (not necessarily in that order). So you’ll usually find me whipping together a group of wonder-full people doing all of the above. Life for me is about good people doing good things together and feeling good while doing  it … Doesn’t get better than that!

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