Tisa Bien

Certified Training Partner ·

On Duty: In my role as General Giggles, I am one the FUN Departments army of talented FUN warriors. Modestly rose the ranks from KP duty to a 4-Star General. I was given a star with each accomplishment: 1st Star: When started my own company 2nd Star: Masters degree in instructional systems 3rd Star: 27th year in pharmaceutical industry (that should be worth 2 stars) 4th Star: 6th year at Wharton 5th Star? That’ll come when my Fun Dept. CO recognizes that my MTBZ – mean time between zingers – is in the acceptable Fun Dept. range.

Off Duty: Family, fun and faith. Mother of two handsome lads: Ringo, our drummer; Alex Lifeson, our lead guitarist; and wife to my Geddy Lee lovin’, bass-playing husband. Me? I am manager / roadie / lead singer / VP of baked-goods, of course. When I am not carting around musical equipment for our band, (Note: Title of band has been redacted, because you do not have the proper security clearance.) I teach those striving for excellence in Wharton’s MBA programs, in full-stride running my own instructional design company, and volunteer for church, schools and Scouts. A funny thing to know about me … I don’t like the beach, yet own a beach house ; don’t like pets, however have had 4 cats and 2 dogs in the last 18 years. Shows, I’m flexible and willing to laugh.

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