Meta-analysis of 225 academic studies found that happy employees have, on average, 31% higher productivity. Harvard Business Review

work should be fun.

Whether you’re a believer in the proven theories that fun in the workplace can lead to endless business benefits, or just starting to wonder if this may be true, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we wrote the book on it.

We’re a pioneering consulting firm that empowers companies like yours to utilize the “right” kind of fun to improve culture and productivity, enhance employee engagement, and generate real, measurable impact on your bottom line.

engaged and happy employees are 31% more productive


fun and play produce 300% increase in innovation amongst teams


according to Gallup, at least 44 percent of engaged employees are likely to stay at their workplace. Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha are choosing a fun workplace environment

retention + recruiting

annual fun programming, aligned with your culture, is often less than the cost of the traditional (and dated) employee holiday party


spotlight: Connect 4Q

Connect 4Q is a highly-produced quarterly subscription show designed to connect and engage your people (no matter where they are). Think of it as a hybrid of a late-night TV show and a game show! fun dept. signature segments will be featured in each show to highlight a unique theme.

These themes will consist of core values such as teamwork, collaboration, diversity, and others. Each show will be professionally facilitated, interactive, and highly engaging, encouraging employees to connect. Polling software, graphics, and bumpers will help make it lively and fluid.

Special guests/celebrity cameos will add to the value and build anticipation of the next show. Expert live facilitation, transition between show segments, contests, and challenges will keep the momentum and continuity between shows.

spotlight: Fun on Purpose

FUN ON PURPOSE is an interactive workshop designed to engage a cross section of your employee population: leaders, managers, HR professionals, and administrators. Ideal for Engagement/Culture and Fun Committees.

Co-Create activities using fun as a mechanism to engage your organization and attach your people to your unique culture. The Workshop details the fun dept’s research-based science model while offering a creative outlet — your very own Creative Inventory — self-generated ideas for easy and accessible fun activities at work.

spotlight: bringing values to life

Welcome to the fun dept.’s bringing values to life video series. While values are the DNA of company culture they are just words on a wall if you cannot make them actionable and live within your organization. Each 2-3 minute video will feature a value, a statistic or fact about that value and an example of how to use fun to bring the value to life. I look forward to sharing our 17 years of experience creating fun with a purpose with you. Watch our bringing values to life series now


  • According to Gallup, we are in the top 3% of employers around the globe when it comes to engaging our associates…working with the fun dept. has really helped us achieve that.

  • Thank You, Fun Department! You made our usual, boring, Zoom Staff meeting so much fun! The staff thoroughly enjoyed our Holiday Song Emoji Trivia contest today! It’s the first time I’ve heard them laugh and have fun together as a team like that, in many months! Just taking those few minutes for this fun activity made the rest of our meeting more engaging, fun and productive as well! We can’t stop talking about it and will definitely try to add more “FUN” like this to future meetings, to increase participation and keep each other entertained while we learn to work in this “new normal!” Thanks!!

  • There’s no better company to work with to bring FUN to the workplace. From facilitating the logistics that actively engage an in-person and remote audience at the same time, to capturing the room with activities that lead to laughs and smiles, to the engagement level from the FUN DEPT is one of a kind.

  • Fun and personality! We enjoyed every moment, the team stayed engaged and we look forward to using them again.

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