It’s raining. It’s pouring. Employees are snoring.

In the past few weeks, the working world has witnessed countless rainy work days. You know the one – that average Tuesday when everyone is darting from the parking garage in to the office, trying their hardest to avoid every single rain drop. And, the one where the drain of the rainy day seems to seep in to your office and operation, creating a slowed down process for your people. So, in honor of these recent wet weeks, and in hopes of avoiding the gutter, here are three fun programs that you can use to change up the average rainy day. Because, after all, the sun will come out tomorrow (or at least hopefully by Thursday or Friday).


“Stop the Drop” Office Pool


Start a pool in the office as soon as the rain begins. People can guess at which time (any 30-minute window during that day or the next) the rain will officially stop. Some even cheat and look on their weather app. Whoever picks the right block in the pool wins. You could even give them a prize, even though it isn’t necessary. But, heck, you have hundreds of those company branded umbrellas from that last conference you sponsored!


“Five Minutes with Gene Kelly” Challenge


Send out the following link to your whole team – And, before they watch the video, have them guess how many times Gene Kelly will say “rain” and “happy” during the famous 4-minute & 5-second clip. PS – the answers are; rain (7 times); happy (3 times). And, if someone gets it right, reach for those umbrellas again. Or, better yet, crown the person the “Give Minutes with Gene Kelly Challenge Champion” – until the next rainy day, of course!


“Indoor Recess”


Break out a few classics – backgammon, chess, checkers, and more and let your people have a 15-minute break for some well-deserved “indoor recess”. Get everyone together at the same time, or, if you have lots of people, just let them know that indoor recess is going on all day and at any 15-minute break time, they can challenge their co-worker to a quick board game. After all, we can’t just be playing all day long.