Is the traditional team building model broken? With over a decade of working with all types of companies using our new model, we have to say yes! Most peoples’ concept of team building is the old forced family fun model. You know the one where a team building company comes in and imposes their idea of fun on you and your company. From ropes challenges to trust falls these activities have traumatized people around the world for decades. In addition, they tend to be long, boring, expensive, once a year and overloaded with heavy messaging and debriefing. Thankfully, the world has changed and there are alternatives.

From the inception of The Fun Dept., our goal was to develop activities that are brief, inexpensive, consistent and organic rather than forced or imposed. It really isn’t hard and doesn’t have to be expensive! Here’s our simply model we use to redefine fun:

1) First, we determine what you and your company thinks is fun and co-design activities around your “Shared Experience™”.

2) Next, we simply apply the “Laws of Fun™”. Yes, there are laws of fun, but don’t get scared!

3) Third, we develop your customized “Creative Inventory™”.

4) Finally, we schedule the activities consistently throughout the year based on the times that are convenient to you and your company.

Voila! Brief, consistent, and sustainable programs that are actually fun and help enhance your culture and bottom line.