A Virtual Throwback

posted May 11th, 2017 by

Just last month we introduced you all to our most recent Fun Freebie – The Jelly Bean Jamboree. And, our friends all over the world have taken it and run with it. In fact, we heard from so many of our connections that they not only had their own jarred jelly bean counting competitions, but many even took it virtual. And, it got us to thinking… how could you adapt any of our fun freebies for a virtual workforce, with remote, disconnected employees? Well, read up below. Then, go back to all of your past Mid-Week Huddles and power up your video recording devices.

WSFS Bank Fun Dept. Video Challenge

WSFS Bank has embraced fun as an important piece of their culture and employee engagement for many, many years. Kudos to them and their leadership for championing fun! Check out what they did and why they did it – with filming help from The Fun Dept. and our custom video challenges.

As our footprint grows it becomes more challenging to have Fun ‘in person’ touch points often.  Being able to post a video on our internal website allows us to bring  fun virtually and engage with all Associates.  They can view the video, submit their response and potentially win a prize from their desk at a time that is convenient for them. I liken it to the adult learning theory, adults learn differently and they like to have fun differently too, so multiple touch points in various ways is a win-win for all. A video lets us engage our Associates through another channel.” – Sheila Wall Hacker, Vice President, Human Sigma and Learning, WSFS Bank