A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet with Tracy Elliman, Employee Relations & Office Coordinator, and Kirra Sponenberg, Communication Specialist, at Synchrogenix as they desperately were interested in engaging their remote employees.  Kirra had experienced The Fun Dept. in person, so they decided to consult with our team for help. With a few meetings and some inspiration from our Box of Fun, Kirra had a few thoughts to share with our readers:
Jessica: So, tell us about Synchrogenix’s and its culture.

Kirra: Sycnhrogenix is global medical and regulatory writing consultancy. We develop documents on behalf of sponsor organizations for submission to regulatory agencies and lay audiences worldwide. Our writers and subject matter experts fit seamlessly and naturally into client teams.

J: Wow! That’s a pretty serious role you all undertake.  So what are some difficulties you face engaging your remote employees while they face everyday stressors?

K: We now have 13 office locations worldwide and growing! Some of the difficulties we face are making sure everyone feels included in engaging activities when they are half way across the globe. Being able to reach and engage every associate can be a daunting task when you want to implement a fun new idea that will involve everyone!

J: That is so true and I’m sure other companies struggle with the same issues. What are some solutions that successful connect & engage your remote workforce?

K: Video Challenges and Photo contests! It is a great way to reach everyone and get everyone involved. And, of course, without the high cost of shipping. 😉

J: How did you come up with the idea for the Jellybean Challenge contest?

K: We took inspiration from The Fun Dept.’s Fun Freebie idea and gave it our own sweet “Synchro-twist.”

J: That’s great! Any responses yet?

K:They enjoyed it! It was something new and different and only took a minute or two out of their busy schedules.

“Kirra, I love your enthusiasm in this video and your hair looks great!” – Kathryn Henley

“Love the video!” –Karen Larkin

“My daughter said I shouldn’t quit my day job! LOL” – Darcie Herkimer (featured in the video)

J: Any last thoughts or advice for our readers?

K: Have fun with your ideas and think creatively. Sometimes you need to break your old work routine and have some fun!