Take a boring elevator lobby and turn it into a forum for fun!

Very few things in life consistently bring a smile to my face as these two oldies but goodies! If you do not work at a building with elevators or turnstile doors, surely you visit one from time to time. Elevator Roulette is a simple & quick game our team developed at a conference in Virginia.  Everyone is familiar with that awkward moment in the lobby when everyone is waiting for the elevator door to light up and open?  *crickets chirping*

Make a game of it!

Challenge your co-workers, or just a random stranger, to stand in front of the door they think will open first. People will be running to their “winning” door after the first round.  Take it to the next level and play best out of three just for bragging rights!

Another option? Take an extra spin in the turnstile while keeping a straight face.  Betcha can’t do it.  Be patient and wait as people watch with confusion and then delight.

How much did this fun cost?? Nothing!  So here’s another Fun Dept. Freebie for you to enjoy!  Feel free to snap some photos of the enjoyment & share! #morefunatwork @TheFunDept