As The Fun Dept. heads into our summer months, we are yet again graced with another awesome intern who has brought incredible experience and value to our team.  Please welcome  Marisa Trezza, our Orchestrator of Good Times!  I sat down with Marisa at the beginning of her internship with The Fun Dept. to ask her a few simple question, and now I’m happy to share our conversation with you:

Jess: Marisa, welcome aboard! We want our clients to get to know you a little bit better, so tell me, what is fun for you?

Marisa: Fun for me is traveling, cooking, movie nights with friends, and music!

J: I can tell from your photo you love traveling! I’m sure you have great stories. So how did you become a member of The Fun Dept.?

M: Since high school, I have said that when I grow up, I want a job where I can “play games with adults at work,” so when I found out about TFD’s mission, I knew that I had to get involved! I met TFD team when they spoke at my University of Delaware class and the rest was history!

J: Perfect! So from your perspective, why is creating a fun culture at work valuable?

M: Because it allows the workplace to be a place where employees want to be and also feel comfortable being there. Employees that enjoy their workplace, in my opinion, are likely to work harder and encourage others to do the same!

J: Sweet! Any plans for after your summer?

M: Just to head back to classes, my clubs, and organizations at UD! Hopefully keeping in touch with my Fun Dept. friends along the way! I am very excited to take what I have learned during this internship and apply it to more of my work that I do at UD and beyond!

We are extremely grateful for Marisa, her talents, and her passion for fun! Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to meet/work with her in the next few months.  If interested in working for The Fun Dept., just go to, and let us know!