Do compassion and love have a place at work? Yup, we think so! In fact, so much so that we made it one of our core values. Not in the romantic sense, of course, but as defined by affection, caring, compassion, and tenderness. It’s about behavior, not feelings. We want our work environment to be an extension of our home life. Most workers have been conditioned to believe that work and home life should be completely separated. If you have issues at home, you should “suck it up” and get back to work! As a team, we care deeply for one another in and out of the office, and naturally, approach our work and customers in the same way. 

Cultures of love are present in other notable companies such as Southwest, Whole Foods Market, and Zappos. It is no coincidence that these companies also lead their industries in employee and customer satisfaction.

Many health care systems are adopting love and compassion as a core value as well. If you were given the choice as a patient to choose one hospital with love and compassion as a core value over another while all other things were equal, it would be an easy decision, right?

Lennon and McCartney’s lyrics are perhaps more timely and relevant today than ever. Show a little love and compassion. Your employees and customers will be glad you did and the world truly will be a better place.