Beat The Post Lunch Coma

posted August 9th, 2017 by

In the middle of a training day here at Fun Dept. headquarters, we broke for lunch and hit the food trucks outside (pictured above). We swapped stories and shared laughs – enjoying each other’s company and the sunny summer day. Hey, did you know that humor promotes healthy aging? I do – and I am all in for that!

As lunchtime came to an end, we were left with some wadded up foil, a couple of napkins and our empty water bottles. Almost immediately, a game was proposed: Recycle-able Chair Soccer.

Because we practice what we preach – we really do, it’s one of our core values – as soon as the words were uttered, people started moving their chairs into a makeshift circle. We played ‘soccer’ with that piece of foil for a good 10 minutes, defining rules as we went, ending up with a 1 on 1 penalty shot for winner takes all.

We walked back into the building to wrap up our training – warm from the sun, smiles on our faces, and exhilarated from a bit of friendly competition. Taking time out for a little mental health break may not seem like much but people who laugh more are actually healthier than their more somber counterparts. Plus, laughter is one of the fastest ways to bring your body back into balance!

Your fun freebie is just this, Carpe Diem! Don’t wait for someone else to make the fun. And keep your eyes open – sometimes fun is right in front of you.