Dance Like No One is Watching

posted February 7th, 2018 by

Picture it, Santa Cruz CA, circa mid 1990s. It’s the middle of the night; the Boardwalk is silent and dark. The beaches closed at sunset with locals and tourists alike sound asleep. Even the diehards who shut down the bars are home. Wispy fog hugs street corners and curls around parked cars.

Me? I’m wide awake, working as a police radio dispatcher on graveyard shift. I’m all alone in the dispatch center, my shift ‘chores’ are done and even the usual nighttime chatter on the radio is sparse. I. Am. Bored.

As I swiped a cleaning cloth across the dispatch counter, I hit the old school microphone, still cradled in its original stand even though we’ve transitioned to headsets. The mic falls out and I realize it can be moved. At that exact moment, ‘Gonna Make You Sweat’ by C+C Music Factory starts playing softly on the boombox across the room. (Yes, I said boombox, remember it’s the 90’s.)

Can you guess what happened next?

Yeah, I grabbed the mic, cranked up the music, and began to lipsynch my heart out…”Everybody dance now!” As I danced my way into the final verse, I turned around and realized my boss and the shift Sergeant had been watching my performance.


It ended up a great lesson for me, they were laughing and put me at ease by sharing their own graveyard shift stories. So yes, FUN can even happen at a police department on a graveyard shift.

Your Fun Freebie is to pick a song, grab a ‘mic’ (and possibly a co-worker or two) and lipsynch and dance your way into your workday. You can thank me later.