A Little Goes a Long Way

posted March 14th, 2018 by

For any of the fun dept. events, we offer clients a choice of ‘prizes’ – many of whom choose gift cards. I do my best to strategically plan my stops to grab cards, especially at Wawa (a local convenient store yet so much more!), because they are pretty much busy all the time!

Ok, so I’m standing in line the other morning to buy client gift cards already feeling stressed due to my timing. I try to avoid the daily “I-need-my-coffee-before-work” crew & also steer clear of the “lunch-bunch”because nobody wants to be in line following my request for ten $10 gift cards.

This particular day, I am being waited on by a new manager, chatting as he rung up & activated all 10 cards. Swiping the credit card to pay, he realizedhe’d rung up all 10 cards incorrectly, which meant he needed not only to refund the charge on the card, but ring up everything all over again!

Right back to square one.

I turned to apologize to people standing behind me in line & right then, two things happened which drastically changed the outcome of the situation.

1) A quick-thinking cashier at the next register sang out (and she really did sing!) “Baby, I can help you right over here!” She quickly rang up the three people behind me & sent them on their way smiling. Pretty cool, right?

2) A different cashier came up beside the manager & swiftly re-rang & activated all 10 cards in record time. I thanked her profusely & spontaneously began to clap for her…and everyone around me joined in! We collectively appointed Ms. Karen ‘Employee of the Day’ & you should have seen her grin!!  It really is a game changer when people know they are appreciated.

Your Fun Freebie is this:

Pay AttentionActively look for ways to make a co-worker’s day brighter. Put some names in a hat & choose one each week if not every day. Because when you take the time to let someone know they matter, everyone’s life gets a little happier. Especially yours.