Yep, “evolutionary” is the fun dept.’s 2nd core value.  Why?  Because we embrace  the change needed to stay consistent with our clients’ needs.  As our company has evolved over the years, the fun dept. has grown into more than just “fun” & our original mission no longer represented whom we’ve become.

Our original mission was: Creating opportunities for people to have fun at work around the world

Drum roll please…our new mission is: designing innovative solutions for happier, healthier & more connected workplaces

A few points we’d like to highlight:

1) Fun is conspicuously absent. While fun will always be a part of who we are, we have become a much more aligned with our clients’ cultures and their employees’ happiness. Fun is the driver that helps make their goals & values come to life.

2) The shift from “opportunities” to “solutions” is based on our experience & the data we’ve accumulated over the years. We have seen results & are confident in replicating them.

3) The commitment to facilitating human connections. While we embrace technology as a tool, we value human interaction & connected workplaces.

Thank you for your support & being a part of our evolution!

Cheers to more fun & happiness ahead!