Let’s Go Back in Time

posted May 14th, 2018 by

Ahhhh, the 80’s…Ronald Reagan was President of the United States, neon was in nearly every fashion choice, and my bangs were as high as the good Lord and Aqua Net could get ‘em.

And the music? We can’t neglect the music either, as the 80’s (arguably) had some of the best tunes  everMy eternal devotion to Brit pop was born in this decade. 

As a refresher, here are just a few of the incredible things that happened in the 80’s:

  • The 1st IBM PC was released (google it!)
  • Sally Ride became the 1st American woman in space
  • Rubiks Cube debuted at the International Toy Fair
  • The Berlin Wall fell
  • The Internet went global
  • Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox was released

Life in the 80’s seemed easier…maybe it was youthful perspective or lack of technology or one of a hundred other things which influence us today and were notably absent back then.

Let’s “Go Back in Time” for May’s Fun Freebie:

First, invite a co-worker or two and grab some sidewalk chalk (or tape). Next, head to a hallway or lobby – or better yet, outdoors, and create a hopscotch game. Then find a super cool 80’s station. Crank up the music! Play a few rounds of hopscotch – enough so you are laughing and exhilarated, then high five each other and say, “That was totally awesome, dude!” 

And for those who love a little ongoing competition, keep track of the winners or even just tally marks of those who participated on a board in your break room. Winner receives, well, a box of sidewalk chalk and a cassette tape of Back in Time!