Disclaimer: These questions were all answered by Ella with zero adult input or guidance.

Ella is a 10 year old with big ideas and so much creativity! She is on a mission to make this world better by cultivating her innate gifts of finding beauty and welcoming adventure, all while keeping her grades up.

JESS: What is your relationship with the fun dept. team?

ELLA:My Mama works at the fun dept. so I decided to join. My experience has been great! The team is fun to hang out with and when the fun dept. shows up, everyone is happy.

J: If you could give one piece of advice to an adult about the importance of play, what would it be?

E: Play is important because you can do it with your family and friends and you can meet new people. Play is different for everyone but the end result is the same.

J: What do you plan on doing when you “grow up?”

E: I am going to make fun dept. jr and run a dog shelter & training center called ‘Bark and Bite.’

J: We all want to know, what’s fun for you?

E: Playing with my friends and my dog and prototyping with my Mama.

J: Anything else you want to add?

E: Fun is important for everybody because you can meet new people and get closer with your friends and family. Even if you are going through rough times, fun can help you get past it because it takes your mind off the hard stuff. 

Probably 1,000 years from now fun will still exist. It may look different but it will still be good. Keep your mind positive and you will find the fun.

She nailed it in our opinion and her Mama couldn’t be prouder!