It’s not really a question though…people in the United States leave a whopping amount of vacation days ‘on the table’ every year and I’m not sure why.

Sure, people say they are afraid they’ll get too far behind at work, or that they don’t feel anyone else can do the work they can do, OR they think taking time off means they are replaceable. If these excuses sound familiar, you may want to rethink your argument. CNN says, “Those who travel with all or most of their time are 28% happier with their companies and 24% happier with their jobs!”

Here are some arresting statistics from a New York Times article:

80% of people feel travel sparked more education that anytime in school

64% say they get to see and do things they will remember for a long time

53% claim it brings their family closer

If you need further encouragement, this article from CNN should sway your travel plans:

20% of people say they are happier with their personal relationships

56% happier with their health and well-beingĀ 

So what are you waiting for? Book that trip. Make the time. Even if it’s a ‘staycation’ you’ll come back ready to take on the world. And besides, who doesn’t want a little more happy?