Making Wellness Work

posted August 20th, 2018 by

It seems like employee wellness programs are so “in” these days. Whether they are company organized and run or a smaller ‘grass roots’ movement – people are searching for ways to incorporate wellness into the places they spend the most time during the week.

And that’s great news!

“At companies with highly effective wellness programs, employees are less likely to be obese and smoke – and they miss less work.”
Towers Watson/National Business Groupon Health, 2014

Even better news is that wellness programs can be easy to put in place. It’s okay to start with small, sustainable changes and pick up the pace as it becomes a deeper part of the culture.

“Employee wellness programs can look different at different companies and that’s a good thing.”

Two important aspects of any employee wellness programs:
Tailor it to your company…your people. Find out what they enjoy and do that!

And as with everything else we advocate – keep the program all-inclusive and non-threatening.

If those two ideas are followed, success is sure to come along.