Under The Spotlight

posted August 20th, 2018 by

Matthew is a Licensed Family Therapist who works as Director of Mental Health in a large healthcare organization in Northern California. His holistic approach to treatment has provided the opportunity to work with children, adults, and families in different environments and positively impact their lives.

fd: How does workplace wellness look for you?
Matt: Thankfully, many programs now address emotional well-being, mental health and financial wellness in addition to physical health. Great programs speak to the whole person in an effective and sustainable way.

fd: What is the impact of a successful wellness program?
Matt: While typical programs focus on the health of their employees, many have extended into the home to also impact the health of spouses and dependents and this is where we find the greatest changes.

fd: So how can a company get started?
Matt: Here’s a simple model for beginning or supporting a workplace wellness program:

Evaluate – determine where your company stands on wellness
Set Goals – schedule activities and communicate
Take Action – launch and promote the program
Assess – evaluate performance and adjust goals as needed