Monday Motivation: Resilience

posted September 17th, 2018 by

You’ve probably seen or heard the expression, Keep Calm and Carry On, but you may not be familiar with its origin. The slogan was born in the Second World War to remind British households they were strong enough to cope with the epic shortages facing the nation. This message of resilience has been turned into a popular and even humorous catchphrase today, but the message is as relevant as ever.

The World Health Organization has named stress the health epidemic of the 21st century!’ Thankfully, companies and businesses are taking stress and its sometime partners anxiety and depression far more seriously.

There are many companies who already offer resilience developing things like flexible work hours or the opportunity to work remotely. And we are all becoming more aware of the power of restorative breaks during the workday, thanks to Daniel Pink. But the crux of the matter is that some people are just more resilient than others.

Resilience can be:

  • Adjusting quickly to challenges
  • Maintaining balance
  • Retaining a sense of control in your environment
  • Remaining positive

The good news is resilience can be developed and the workplace is an ideal place for learning to develop resilience.

Here are some suggestions for building resilience:

  • Pay attention to your physical health – nuture your body with healthful food choices and regular exercise
  • Develop a social support system – family and friends who encourage positivity
  • Take time to recharge with mini breaks during the work day and regular vacation time during the year
  • Keep perspective when facing unexpected challenges – it’s okay to count to 10 and breathe before reacting
  • Be mindful of what you can and cannot accomplish in the course of a workday
  • Openly communicate with your employers and coworkers

We’d love to know how you practice resiliency, so please share your ideas!