Under The Spotlight with MotiveX

posted September 13th, 2018 by

fun dept. is excited to be partnering with MotiveX and we asked Carrie Casullo to share some thoughts on employee engagement and connection!

What trends are you seeing in the way companies are approaching employee engagement?

There is a seismic shift taking place for all businesses.  With unemployment dipping under 4% and millions of baby boomers retiring, the need to attract, retain and engage employees is at an all-time high.  Motivating employees is a top concern for most leaders and current tactic such as rewards, incentives and bonuses are not creating long-term, sustainable behavior change. We found through our research, managers who can tap into the intrinsic motivators of their employees see a significant increase in; engagement, job satisfaction and overall loyalty. But how do you measure something as elusive as “intrinsic motivation”? How to we stop trying to motivate employees and start putting them in situations where they are motivated themselves? This one compelling question was what lead us to create MotiveX.What trends are you seeing in the way companies are approaching employee engagement?

What is the mission of MotiveX and how are you hoping to help organizations?

Like fun dept, we believe that the employee experience is critical to an organization’s long-term success. We are on a mission to live in a world where everyone finds meaning and fulfillment in their work. It’s a lofty mission but one that many forward-looking leaders are embracing. As a long-term Cast Member for Disney Institute, I was able to witness hundreds of organizations transform once they’ve applied some very simple concepts; shared vision, common values and creating a fun work environment. In working with fun dept, we will serve as the diagnostic tool for organization’s understand what’s most important to their employee’s and insights that will allow fun dept to create extremely personalized and relevant training programs.

How does MotiveX view fun?

Fun comes in many forms and as an organization, we find our fun in the typical areas; outings, events and celebrations. However, if you think of fun as something that is intensely engaging and rewarding, then our ideation sessions, client meetings and working with our partners is definitely on the high side of fun. Knowing what inspires each of our team members and aligning the job tasks with what most motivates us offers us the ability to find fun in just about everything.