introducing break box

custom-tailored team building, in a box. 100% HR approved.

break box

it's time to think inside the box.

crafted and curated by experts, break box has everything you need for a meaningful and effective team building event.

  • perfect programming to launch, live, and sustain your organization’s goals, values and initiatives
  • designed for 4-20 people at a time
  • quick and easy, 15-20 minutes with extended play options
  • all inclusive and truly entertaining; everyone can play!
  • a great way to promote your brand, or a memorable gift to clients.
what's inside?

every break box contains a reusable single-serving of fun for your whole team: props, supplies and instructions for an all-inclusive activity. each activity is built with your goals in mind: employee engagement, big laughs, light physical activity and friendly competition

– all with minimal work interruption and a big “thumbs up” from HR.
fun dept promise


high morale increases retention

put a smile on your team’s face by breaking open quick and inclusive fun! break box is designed for team building skills, icebreakers and training, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


a short break to play and have fun decreases stress

increase engagement and improve team habits to build productivity with a smile! the 20-minute average runtime of our inclusive, HR-approved activities boost motivation and positivity for the whole team.


better communication and collaboration increase profitability

build meaningful relationships with your team or clients, by sharing the collaborative and reusable fun of break box. a connected and bonded team is more productive, more creative, and more motivated.

break box is one of my favorite tools for engaging my audience and enhancing the learning experience. they're perfect for a quick ice breaker or team building with the extended play option. I especially appreciate the portability and ease of use. a winner every time!

Jamie Cooperstein, customer service consultant and trainer
guaranteed smiles

break box is the latest in a long line of proven and innovative team-building methods by the experts in workplace engagement. the fun dept has been bringing events, collaboration, and bonding to workplaces since 2006. if your break box doesn't light up the room with smiles and laughter, just let us know and we'll refund the purchase 100%, no questions asked.