Office Morale and Engagement Consulting — Funsulting

Office Morale and Engagement Consulting – Funsulting


FUNSULTING may sound cheesy, but it’s the perfect name for consultants in the fun dept.

What is a Funsultant and what does one do, you might wonder?


If you need help with engagement, culture, HR Teams and/or “fun” committees, the obvious PLAY is to bring on a fun-consultant (a “funsultant”, naturally). Whether it’s analysis work, introducing a bit of fun in various places or just being an advisor on workplace fun, the role of the funsultant is always the same at its core; to help you develop a happier, healthier and more connected workplace.

This is also the format we use for longer engagements with clients, who aren’t looking to have us deliver a specific event or service, but are looking for “help with being more fun” and lasting results. 🙂

Funsultants are hired one day at a time and projects range from single-day surgical laughs to months of drawn-out comedy!

Nick and Chris - be happy, get healthy, stay connected

Three Fun Reasons To Choose This Option

  • Extreme Flexibility: Don’t know exactly what you need, and would like help? We’re in!
  • Funny Name, Real Expertise: Just like other consultants, we know how to add value.
  • Great Way To Learn: Looking for perspective and analysis? This is a good way to get it.

More Fun? Possible Add-Ons

  • Plan It: Want us to produce a clear strategy for fun moving forward? No problemo.
  • Combine It: First a keynote and then bringing in a funsultant afterwards? Say the word!
  • Report It: Want us to create materials for internal use? We’ll take care of it for you.

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