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everything else

everything else

ONE FOR FUN AND FUN FOR ALL is the catch-all term we have for “everything else” — Virtual, Live, Hybrid, we gotcha covered!

We’ve done so many crazy and outrageously funny things over the last 17 years that we’re not even going to try to list them here, but examples include:

  • Chopstick Relay
  • Popcorn Culture
  • Escape Zoom
  • Slingshot Madness
  • What Does The Goat Say?
  • Football Bocce

So whether you’re looking for an ice breaker, a team building session, a new kind of conference or something completely different; we’ve got you covered. We do physical, virtual and hybrid, and when we say the sky’s the limit, we mean that!

Thank You, Fun Department! You made our usual, boring, Zoom Staff meeting so much fun! The staff thoroughly enjoyed our Holiday Song Emoji Trivia contest today! It’s the first time I’ve heard them laugh and have fun together as a team like that, in many months! Just taking those few minutes for this fun activity made the rest of our meeting more engaging, fun and productive as well! We can’t stop talking about it and will definitely try to add more “FUN” like this to future meetings, to increase participation and keep each other entertained while we learn to work in this “new normal!” Thanks!!

Tom HurdSite Director, Wilmington University

Three Fun Reasons To Choose This Option

  • Made to Order: Small or big… we’ll make it fit YOUR wishes – whatever they may be!
  • Unique Creation: No one will have gotten what you’re getting. This is one-of-a-kind.
  • Always Fits the Budget: Tell us what you have and we’ll make it work out!

More Fun? Possible Add-Ons

  • Copy It: Why get one, when you can get two? If you like what we do, we can do it again.
  • Combine It: An event combined with a stack of books? Or a workshop? Let us know!
  • Share It: Want us to record it so you can re-use it internally? Doable!
Group photo with Chris Bruce of the fun dept

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