Q: How does event pricing work?

A: All of our pricing is based on the length of time we are on site, the number of people attending, and the degree of customization.

Q: How customized can we make our event?

A: The sky is the limit! We’ve got an extensive repertoire, and we’re constantly generating new ideas. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can take it from there!

Q: What does a standard event look like?

A: Every company has a different idea of what “fun” looks like. Our team of specialists will chat with you and make suggestions based on what your current culture and goals look like. Events range from quick 15 minute fun breaks, all the way up to two-hour deliveries.

Q: My company only has a budget for the holiday party and summer picnic – can you work with that?

A: We specialize in budget optimization. Our team takes whatever budget you’ve allocated for those events, and provides fun, all-inclusive activities at a low cost. Or, you can engage in an annual contract, like our high 5 club, to keep the fun rolling all year round.

Q: What does an annual contract look like?

A: Rather than sinking your entire budget into a one-time event that runs the risk of being an expensive flop, the fun dept. provides fun all year long. Whether it’s monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, we spread your budget (or a portion of your budget) across the entire year. We find that at least once a quarter is best to keep things seemingly consistent, and truly engrain fun into a culture.

Q: What can I expect from a fun delivery?

A: We always include a package of music, photos, prizes and, of course, fun. Our professionally trained MC and support staff are highly engaging and create organic fun, right in the workplace.

Q: How can you determine what kind of fun is right for my organization?

A: We design all of our events based on different play personalities—we tend to make sure there’s something for everyone. Additionally, we offer an internally administered survey that provides both you and us with the knowledge of what your people find fun. Apart from that, we will never pressure folks to be involved. Our rule of thumb is to have people participate at their comfort level!