Your Corporate Values Can Be Fun!

Thank you for joining us as we highlight the top corporate VALUES as part of our BRINGING VALUES TO LIFE series.

Values are just words on a wall unless you can make them actionable and bring them to life, right?!?

Well… The Godfather of Fun here at the fun dept is excited to kick off our Bringing Values To Life video series with one of his personal favorites…


Fun Should Be Higher In Your Corporate Values!

Fun has been towards the bottom of many corporate values lists but has been steadily making its way up to where it belongs.

In fact, According to FORTUNE MAGAZINE, in companies recognized as best in class, over 60% of employees recognize fun as the leading attribute of a great culture.

Here is a FUN EXAMPLE:

While most of the time we are creating fun with a purpose, sometimes it’s appropriate to just have fun for fun’s sake. One of our all-time favorite examples is the 3:00 pm Dance Stop. Each week, one of our clients volunteers a different employee at 3:00 pm on Thursday to choose a song that was broadcast in a customer service environment. They have experienced measurable increases in engagement scores, job satisfaction, and retention.

Here is your FUN CHALLENGE:

Find a 5-minute opportunity to have some fun with your teams within your workweek. The beginning of a meeting is an excellent place to start. Show a funny video or play a quick game… Challenge a different employee with coming up with a game. The key here is practice and consistency. I guarantee you will get better and guarantee you will have fun.

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Cheers to more fun ahead, and I’ll see you next time.

Rule number one: it has to be fun.
– Anonymous