Fun on Purpose – Episode 1 – Leveraging Humor In Our Lives


EPISODE 1: Leveraging Humor In Our Lives

Christopher Bruce and Nick Gianoulis discuss the role of humor and play in work performance and well-being with Paul Osincup, author of The Humor Habit. Things are about to get silly and oily, and Nick might lose a jacket. Christopher emphasizes the potential of humor to make life richer and fuller. At the same time, Nick gives insight into the significance of Master Humor Strategist Paul’s expertise in viral strategy and how he practices what he preaches. The trio stresses that humor is essential for a healthy work environment and overall well-being.

Show summary

The Fun on Purpose Podcast, powered by the fun dept. explores the many facets of Fun; how to quantify it, and the countless ways listeners can use it to improve their quality of work and life. In each segment, Nick Gianoulis (The Godfather of Fun) and Christopher Bruce engage in energetic discussion as they explore the ways their guests use fun, humor, play, and more in their lives and businesses…


Hosts Christopher Bruce and Nick Gianoulis, Godfather of Fun, lead thoughtful conversations with industry experts and thought leaders helping us all become happier, healthier and more connected. Fun is a choice…so let’s have FUN ON PURPOSE!

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