How to Keep Workplace Teams Connected and Engaged

How to Keep Workplace Teams Connected and Engaged in a Hybrid Work World

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing companies today is how to keep your teams connected and engaged with each other and the company culture. Since the pandemic, some employees have been working for companies for two years and are just now meeting coworkers in person and visiting the office for the first time. Many workers will never return to “normal” business hours, making it difficult to indoctrinate them to the corporate culture.

The key to success here is communication and consistency. Company values and culture are mere words on a wall unless you can bring those values to life. So how do we do it when employees are working remotely? Try communicating values and company messaging in a fun but purposeful way. While most of us cringe at the thought of another zoom happy hour, today’s technology is improving the engagement level with real-time polling software, expert facilitation, and enhanced video production to make for an enjoyable experience that employees will look forward to.

Data shows that consistency is the key to making these fun communications feel genuine. Employees are not fooled by “one and done” attempts. Based on experience and data our recommendation is quarterly 20-30 virtual meetings themed around your values and presented in an engaging and fun way.