Can You Improve Your Corporate Productivity?

Hello and greetings from the Godfather of Fun at the fun dept. Thank you for joining us as we highlight the top corporate values as part of our BRINGING VALUES TO LIFE series.

Numerous studies indicate that fun increases productivity anywhere from 12-35%.

Here is a Corporate Improvement EXAMPLE:

No downside there! I first encountered this phenomenon as a young corporate manager. We had monthly, long, and boring staff meetings where managers from a tri-state area met at headquarters. Fifteen managers were allotted 10 minutes for their updates. In theory, we should have finished in 2.5 hours but we never finished in under 4. I thought an egg timer might be a fun way to encourage managers to finish on time. They had to chip in $5 to an employee activity fund for every minute over. These meetings became way more efficient and fun. I later added a 3-foot gong and nerf guns and people could not wait to attend. I calculated the savings to the company to be $18,000 per year based on an average hourly rate of $50 per hour per manager. Most importantly, we became far more productive and profitable.

Here is your Productivity CHALLENGE:

How can you increase productivity by introducing fun to an existing task, meeting, or procedure? Small, silly prizes work.

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Cheers to more fun ahead and I’ll see you next time.

My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.
– Francine Jay

Fun Productivity Fact:
Dolly Parton wrote two of her biggest hits, Jolene and I Will Always Love You on the same day!