Mural Arts Philadelphia

Mural Arts Philadelphia

Philly Murals

The Center for Urban Art is a fantastic location to explore. Philadelphia’s murals honor the city’s distinctive array of neighborhoods and people. Here are some great murals to explore:

#1 – The Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge pays homage to the Eisenhower Fellowships’ 50th anniversary. In the mural’s branches are things like a book, a sextant, a scale, a key, and a ruler. The artwork on these walls reflects Philadelphia’s history and spirit. There are murals honoring significant persons and events all across the city.

#2 – Taste of Summer

Another fantastic mural that portrays the customs of Italian summer celebrations is the Taste of Summer mural. The mural is on the wall of Philadelphia’s Vetri Ristorante. To turn the wall into an Italian paradise, the owner resorted to Mural Arts Philadelphia since he couldn’t bear the thought of a plain wall. The painting was completed in just six months, and the proprietor of Vetri couldn’t wait for guests to see his new artwork.

#3 – The Founding Home

The enormous painting, The Founding Home, was made in partnership with Philadelphia’s homeless population. It conveys the community’s optimism for the future. This roughly 2000-square foot mural runs the length of St. John the Evangelist Church between S. 13th Street and Ludlow St. The church is renowned for giving homeless people in the neighborhood a place to stay. The mural, which is still present today, has been acknowledged as a landmark mural in the city.

#4 – Atlas of Tomorrow

A number of public murals, including Candy Chang’s well-known Atlas of Tomorrow, are located in the Center for Urban Art. At sidewalk level, the mural has a dynamic wheel that tells a different story depending on where the viewer’s foot lands. The project also includes a kinetic wheel, which creates an interactive multimedia experience. The project, which is a display of the city’s artistic community, is a part of the Philadelphia International Festival.

Mural Art Philadelphia 

Mural Art Philadelphia has received $20,000 from the Kelly Clarkson-led Foundation for Urban Arts in Philadelphia to help the group’s mural-making program grow. According to the charity, the money will also be used to expand the program and provide additional homeless people opportunities. Similar to this, Color Me Back and Bonk will keep giving tours of their art installations until 2022. These two groups share the same goal of addressing social concerns that are frequently disregarded by society and involving the community through the arts.


Nearly everywhere has murals, from eateries to public spaces. Even applying to have one painted on your structure is an option. Additionally, although murals are typically painted on private property, you can potentially get a wall for nothing from a nearby company owner. 

The Center for Urban Art helps paint tens of thousands of murals on city streets while also getting rid of graffiti. Twice a year, applications are examined. Application is always welcome and no application fee is required. But keep in mind that applications must be submitted quickly.

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