National Constitution Center History Museum

National Constitution Center History Museum

The National Constitution Center is another popular destination in Philadelphia. Consider visiting the Museum for a distinctive experience. It is located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19106, at 525 Arch St. 

Learn History Interactively!

The Emancipation Proclamation and other unique historical items are included in the exhibitions here, which examine the history and evolution of the constitution. You can learn about 100 people who had a role in the founding of the United States from interactive touch panels. You can view Sandra Day O’Connor’s Supreme Court robe or take part in virtual elections in interactive polling booths. It’s a component of a walking tour with a historical theme that connects the Constitution’s signing to other historical occurrences. 

Two Locations and Betsy Ross’ Residence

The two of the numerous historic locations in Philadelphia that you can visit are the free Quaker Meeting House and Carpenters Hall, where George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were treated for injuries sustained during the Revolutionary War. Between 1802 to 1819, it also served as Philadelphia’s Federal Customs House. The American flag was created by Betsy Ross, a well-known American artist. One of the city’s most well-known old structures is her residence. One cannot overestimate its historical significance.

The Liberty Bell & The Independence Visitor Center

The Liberty Bell resides in the museum’s Liberty Bell Center. It is a Philadelphia must-see attraction. Inside the museum, there is a 30-minute guided tour available. The history of the Liberty Bell and the Abolitionist Movement exhibitions are fascinating. The Independence Visitor Center, which is where visitors to the Philadelphia region start, is another must-see. Visitors to this museum can learn more about more than 50 attractions without paying admission.

The Barnes Foundation

One other outstanding museum in Philadelphia is the Barnes Foundation. One of the world’s largest collections of impressionist artwork is found here. The artwork in this museum includes pieces by Renoir, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, and other well-known artists. You can also visit the Barnes Foundation if you plan on spending a lot of time in Philadelphia. It is a hidden gem in the center of the Art Museum District.

The African American Museum

Visit the African American Museum while you are in Philadelphia. It examines African Americans’ and the African Diaspora’s historical development. The Battleship New Jersey Memorial and Museum’s oldest American warship is right around the corner. It includes five deck levels that replicate the actions of the most well-known warship in the US Navy. It is situated across the Delaware River from Philadelphia’s Historic District.


A lot of Philadelphia touring passes include admission to the National Constitution Center. These pass holders are able to see many attractions in one trip. If you want to visit the entire museum, you might wish to purchase different tickets. Another option is to purchase a ticket that includes admission to both Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center.

Plan Your Visit

You can dress comfortably in layers if you’re planning a day excursion. Pack seasonally appropriate attire for overnight excursions. If it’s warm outside, dress in thin layers; if you’re visiting in the winter, pack gloves and caps. You should also take local health and safety regulations into account. Before visiting a museum, you should consult your family doctor if you’re traveling with kids.

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