David Raymond

Certified Training Partner · Greater Philadelphia

On Duty: David took a simple secret and monetized it for the Philadelphia Phillies. He has continued to hone and develop that simple secret into a theory he calls The Power of Fun! Using the Power of Fun, Raymond Entertainment has produced hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients and partners while increasing brand recognition at the same time. David is a licensed expert in powerful fun. This is "Serious Fun" that he learned first as a leader in the mascot world performing as the original Phillie Phanatic. This specialized fun can deliver unrecognized revenue and brand benefits while increasing productivity and the overall health of your employees, fans, sponsors and friends. The Emperor of Fun, as a founding partner of the Fun Department, is honored to also serve as a certified training partner. Creating new leaders in fun has always been one of the most rewarding initiatives for David.

Off Duty: If you have always sold fun for a living what possibly would you do with your “off time”. David likens this to all of those lucky soles who live in Hawaii. Where do they go for a vacation…Yakama, Washington? No disrespect to Yakama but for David everyday seems like another day off in the world of serious fun. I guess you might find him connected to his family and loving the fact they have nicked named him “Spaz” because even the Emperor of Fun has his moments.

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