Irina Baranov

Certified Training Partner · Greater Philadelphia

On Duty: Executive Coach, CEO Whisperer, Fun and Feisty Workshop Leader, Trainer and Keynote Speaker. Give me someone, or a room full of someones who want to take their work and life game to the next level, and I'm all in! From fun and effective ways to run companies to fun and effective ways to have more fulfilling relationships, I help groups learn and experience the "best kept secrets" of accomplishing goals, growing closer and leading better.

Off Duty: Part health nut, part chocolate/wine/cheese lover. World traveler. Adventure seeker. Baker. Lover of cheesy movies, music and movies (did I mention I love cheese?). But what I love most of all are good conversations and connecting with people on a real level - with real truth, real emotion, real laughter, real tears - the kinds of conversations that are remembered for years to come.

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