TJ Jones

Certified Training Partner · Greater Atlanta

On Duty: I am a “Caring Warrior” ( the title of his upcoming book). A caring warrior is someone who has woken up to their power to care, and chooses to do something about it with a fighting spirit. The work I do with individuals, teams and organizations is centered around connecting the best in individuals to positively influence creative and bottom line goals of small and large organizations. I develop experienced and emerging leaders in a fun and active way. There is no greater fun than the fun we have with others doing work we love.

Off Duty: I am a very happily married man with four wonderfully unique children (2 girls/2 boys). We live a very active life in Atlanta, GA. I coach my sons in baseball and the girls are into music and theatre. We hike a lot. With whatever time is left I spend buried in books and enjoying a wide variety of films. I’m a book and movie geek. I love my life and I love people!

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