Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens Art Museum

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens Art Museum

Isaiah Zagar, a mosaic muralist, created the fanciful outdoor art gallery known as The Magic Garden. It is located at 1020 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19147. The building’s facade is covered in murals of bicycle spokes, glass bottles, and broken ceramics in this multi-media art piece. Even more areas to explore include courtyards, a labyrinth, and tunnels. Timed tickets are available for the enchanted garden. Anyone traveling to the city must see it.

The Rocky Statue & The Art Museum

On the side of the Philadelphia Art Museum lies the Rocky Statue, another well-liked photo location. This Sylvester Stallone statue, which was given to Philadelphia, makes for a terrific photo opportunity. The Rocky Tour, which takes moviegoers to several filming locations, is another well-liked attraction. The best activity in Philadelphia, though, is visiting the Art Museum. Admission is free on the first Sunday of each month, and it stays open late on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The Liberty Bell

One of the most recognizable images in the world is of the Liberty Bell, but its history is extremely fascinating. This iconic emblem is also surrounded by facts regarding its significance as a monument to American history. In actuality, the line moves swiftly, so plan to be there early! To ensure that you don’t miss anything, make sure to organize your visit well in advance. Remember that seeing the Liberty Bell is a must-do on every trip to Philadelphia – moreover, it’s free!

The Rodin Museum

The largest collection of Rodin’s works outside of Paris may be found in the Rodin Museum, a masterpiece of architecture. Rodin was a pioneer in the field of sculpture and is known as the father of modern sculpture. The bronze cast of The Gates of Hell, a statement on social desperation inspired by Dante’s Inferno, is a must-see for art enthusiasts visiting this museum. In addition, there are eight sculptures, several busts, and hand model sculptures.

The Mutter Museum

For those who are interested in the history of medicine, the Mutter Museum is a worthwhile stop. Displays inside its enormous structure include anything from Einstein’s cranium to the preserved organs of early people. Artifacts used in Victorian-era medical practice are displayed in the museum. While visiting the museum, visitors are advised to adhere to all rules and use protective masks. Visitors can also find a gift shop there. 

The Independence Plaza 

Visit Independence Plaza nearby to take in a stunning perspective of the city. The largest Masonic Temple in the country is another place you may go. The Love Park, which has a statue of “Love” and a fountain behind it, is another fantastic attraction. Although there is frequently a huge queue of people waiting to take pictures, the artwork is a favorite among tourists. In actuality, the sculpture is widespread worldwide and not particularly unique to Philadelphia.

Food & Things To Do

You can take a stroll down Broad Street if you’re seeking a peaceful area to spend the evening. A Big Bus tour of the city is also available at night, although it is not hop-on-hop-off and takes a different itinerary. City Hall will be clearly visible to you. You might even wish to attend a live blues performance at Twisted Tail or an evening performance at a nearby dinner theater. There are also many options for food and drink if you’re hungry, including cheesesteaks, donuts, and craft beer.

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