Respect Within Your Company

Hello and greetings from the Godfather of Fun at the fun dept. Thank you for joining me as we highlight the top corporate values as part of our BRINGING VALUES TO LIFE series.


TODAY’s VALUE: Respect

Employees who say they feel respected are more satisfied with their jobs and more grateful for—and loyal to—their companies. They are more resilient, cooperate more with others, perform better and more creatively, and are more likely to take direction from their leaders.

According to Achievers Workforce Institute, When a person’s values align with the company’s values, they are 5x more likely to feel engaged. Yeah…you heard that right… 5 TIMES!

Here is a Respect EXAMPLE:

The You Rock Award. This company wanted to respect and recognize their associates not just for the good deeds for clients, but also for demonstrating respect for one another. They all painted and signed a rock that was ceremoniously passed around to recognize a certain individual who demonstrated respect for a client or fellow associate.

Here is your Respect CHALLENGE: 

How can you demonstrate respect across your organization? Not just salespeople and management, but everyone. As leaders we often signal to others that their time is less important than ours. By shifting that dynamic, we can boost respect, trust and productivity. If you are the leader, be on time!

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A human being is not to be handled as a tool but is to be respected and revered.
– Felix Adler