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for more than a decade, we’ve produced and delivered programs for companies large and small that cater to every type of culture, learning style and budget. from fast, virtual fun to all-day events, we have the expertise to custom-build your team’s path to professional fun.

training and

from reading our book to one-on-one consulting, the fun dept. can help you find your team’s perfect path to professional fun.

in our fun + happiness ambassador training workshop, we reveal the “secret sauce” to our proven model and process for enhancing engagement through workplace culture. you’ll learn the data and science behind fun at work, and how to create and implement culturally-compliant fun that generates real, measurable impact on your bottom line.


break box
and deliveries

crafted and curated by experts, break box has everything you need for a meaningful and effective team building event.

every break box contains a reusable single-serving of fun for your whole team: all of the props, supplies and instructions for an all-inclusive activity. each activity is designed to inspire employee engagement, big laughs, light physical activity and friendly competition.