team building

Connect 4Q is a highly-produced quarterly subscription show designed to connect and engage your people (no matter where they are). Think of it as a hybrid of a late-night TV show and a game show! fun dept. signature segments will be featured in each show to highlight a unique theme.

These themes will consist of core values such as teamwork, collaboration, diversity, and others. Each show will be professionally facilitated, interactive, and highly engaging, encouraging employees to connect. Polling software, graphics, and bumpers will help make it lively and fluid.

Special guests/celebrity cameos will add to the value and build anticipation of the next show. Expert live facilitation, transition between show segments, contests, and challenges will keep the momentum and continuity between shows.


According to Gallup, we are in the top 3% of employers around the globe when it comes to engaging our associates….working with the fun dept. has really helped us achieve that.

Peggy EddendsExecutive VP Human Capital, WSFS

Three Fun Reasons To Choose This Option

  • Uniform Price Tag: $25k for an annual subscription that contains four episodes.
  • Maximum Scalability: 50 people or 500? The price stays the same, even if you don’t.
  • Your Schedule, Not Ours: We deliver once every quarter. You choose when you watch.

More Fun? Possible Add-Ons

  • Manage It: Want us to manage the send-out process? Talk to us; we’ll talk price.
  • Combine It: An episode followed by a keynote? A follow-up workshop? We can help!
  • Brand It: Thinking of sponsoring a quarterly episode? Let’s explore options together.