The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Research Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is worthwhile to see if you have an interest in science. It is located at 222 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103. The Nanoscale Informative Science Education Network includes The Franklin Institute among its members. 

Educational Activities

A wide variety of exhibitions for kids, families, and adults are available at the museum. Even elementary school students can pick up new information at the Franklin Institute. Visitors can examine a 220-foot-tall human heart replica and discover how the brain functions. Additionally, the museum hosts a variety of traveling exhibits, including the Terracotta Warriors. 

The museum provides a wide range of core educational opportunities, including hands-on exhibits that introduce kids to fundamental scientific ideas. There are interactive exhibits that help to clarify important ideas. Additionally, you can see nationally known traveling exhibits that interest both domestic and foreign tourists. The museum’s curatorial collections are prized as national treasures, and it has earned accreditation from the American Association of Museums. The museum is definitely a great destination for families with children.

Attending Science After Hours activities at the Franklin Institute is another way to gain practical experience. These gatherings frequently center on the newest exhibit. For non-members, they are $15; for members, they are $10. Online instructional technology offerings from The Franklin Institute include books, podcasts, and e-books. 

The Hyrtl Skull Collection

This museum should not be missed if you have an interest in observing skulls. The Hyrtl Skull Collection is a significant addition to this museum’s collection. An influential professor of anatomy and phrenology named Josef Hyrtl amassed 139 skulls, which are now housed in this collection. These 139 samples were gathered from different parts of Europe. Any trip to the Franklin Institute will undoubtedly be made more memorable by this collection because it is so fascinating.

The Independence Museum

The Independence Museum is a fantastic resource for finding out more about the origins of America. The Constitution’s initial public printing, which was printed in Philadelphia, is on display in the museum. A fantastic 3D multimedia presentation is also available. The museum also has a sizable collection of historical relics. You can even save the candle holder that medical professionals used to inspect Abraham Lincoln’s fatal wound.

The Franklin Institute Awards Program

The Franklin Institute Awards program has been recognizing outstanding achievements to science and technology for more than nineteen years. Alexander Graham Bell, Pierre and Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Niels Bohr, Max Planck, and Jane Goodall are a few notable previous laureates. The Franklin Institute also presents the Bower Business Awards, which recognize donors and prominent business people.

Visit the Site

The Franklin Institute contains exhibits that span every branch of study, including physical and life sciences. Even a 350-ton Baldwin steam locomotive is accessible. You can discover more about the physical world, the cosmos, and engineering. It is one of the country’s first science museums and is a great place to learn more about science and technology. You will undoubtedly love your stay!

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