What Are The Laws Of Fun?

Greetings from the godfather of fun here at the fun dept. and welcome back to our bringing values to life series!

Today we want to share The Laws of Fun with you to set you up for success in creating fun activities to bring your values to life. We learned these to be true after 20 years of practice and experience in any environment that you can imagine.

1) Leadership Buy-In or participation is #1 and essential for long-term success. I sometimes refer to it as “permission to play”. Make FUN one of your core values if you have not already demonstrated your commitment.

2) Brief is better and On Company Time. 5-30 minutes is the sweet spot for our limited attention spans and minimal business interruption. Keep it simple with minimal production. 

3) Consistency is the key. Practice makes perfect, right? You will not achieve sustainable results with one-time events. The annual holiday party feels more obligatory and less genuine if you are not embracing fun throughout the year. I suggest you eliminate the annual holiday party and do one activity per quarter for better results and most often less money.

4) All Inclusive and Non Threatening. Many team-building events are physical challenges that eliminate over 50% of your employee population from the get-go. Design activities that everyone can participate in and allow people to participate at their comfort level. Let teams self-select their roles.

5) Pre and Post Game. For “extended play” this will make your employees feel that fun is happening all the time and it’s free! Make announcements pre-game to an activity or event, build some hype, trash talk to build excitement. Afterward or post-game, share pics, videos, awards, newsletter…

If you need help bringing values to life reach out to us directly at teamfun@thefundept.com or visit www.thefundept.com for more info. Cheers to more fun ahead and I’ll see you next time. 

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People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
-Dale Carnegie