The Rosenbach Museum and Library

The Rosenbach

Two Victorian townhouses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania house The Rosenbach. The museum houses a wide variety of objects, but its most well-known collection is a group of Rembrandt paintings. Visits to The Rosenbach Philadelphia PA are highly recommended. 

The Rosenbach Museum and Library

One of Philadelphia’s best-kept secrets is the Rosenbach Museum and Library. Despite being on a residential block, it is worthwhile visiting. It has an excellent collection of manuscripts and rare books. It contains a copy of Dracula by William Henry Ireland, a manuscript of Ulysses, and the sole copy of the Poor Richard Almanac still in existence. More than 400,000 art and historical artifacts objects are also available for visitors to peruse.

Philip Rosenbach

The brother of Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach, Philip Rosenbach, donated his possessions to this museum. Philip Rosenbach was an authority on decorative arts, and the museum now houses his collections. The museum was established in 1954, and it has expanded since. It has now become a well-known cultural hub with a gorgeous townhouse stuffed with artwork and rare literature. The museum is a significant cultural attraction in Philadelphia and contains a permanent collection of more than a million books. Visit the museum to learn more about Rosenbach’s life and creative endeavors. 

Rare Books

Exceptional rare book collections, including actual Lewis Carroll manuscripts, are also housed in this museum. A Philadelphia rare book merchant by the name of Rosenbach bought “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” as one of these priceless volumes. Later, this manuscript was given to the British Museum in London, which is pleased to have it on display as part of its holdings. It is one of Philadelphia’s most renowned and esteemed pieces of art.

Customers can buy books at the bookstore. They sell a lot of first editions, illustrated books, and unfinished manuscripts. The museum’s collection includes books about well-known authors as well. You might wish to visit the Rosenbach Gift Shop while you’re in the museum. Spending an hour or two here is a fantastic idea. Despite being a large store, the selection is varied. You might be able to locate a rare James Joyce book or a Lewis Carroll greeting card.

Marianne Moore

The famed children’s author Marianne Moore resided in the home for forty years, and her living room is also on display at the Rosenbach Museum. There is a sizable collection of publications written by her contemporaries, as well as early versions of her memoirs and poems. In the museum’s gallery, there are 1,000 tiny portraits as well. You won’t regret taking the time to browse the museum’s collection of stunning works of art.

Visit the Site

The public is welcome to visit the Rosenbach Museum. The house tour lasts roughly 1.5 hours. Ten people can fit into each time slot, hence it is advised that visitors reserve tickets in advance. You can ask for a particular piece or topic of interest, but keep in mind that doing so will cost $5 per participant. Visit the Rosenbach Philadelphia PA website to learn how to access the museum in a wheelchair. You may discover more about joining.

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