training & development

As the leading experts in workplace fun, we share our model and process so that you can create your own internal fun dept. Learn how to determine what authentic fun looks like for your people and culture, and how to develop programming that is sustainable and quantifiable.

fun + happiness

In our fun + happiness ambassador training workshop, we reveal the “secret sauce” to our proven model and process for enhancing engagement through workplace culture. You’ll learn the data and science behind fun at work, and how to create and implement culturally-compliant fun that generates real, measurable impact on your bottom line.


Many teams are struggling to keep their best talent from quitting, finding it hard to attract top talent, and struggling with employee engagement levels. What is the result of not addressing your culture? Lower sales, frustrated employees, poor customer service, higher levels of burnout, and overall inefficiencies — costing organizations time, money, and resources.  The solution is to create a happier, sustainable workplace culture.  That may sound simple, but the impact is quickly noticeable to your employees, your customers, and it ripples out to your community!

Presented in partnership with Delivering Happiness, this signature masterclass is designed to help your team regardless of where you are on your culture journey. It’s not just another culture program or culture initiative; it’s research-backed, science-based, and proven to work by our clients for over 15+ years!

Virtual, private, and public offerings are available to suit any budget and learning style.