virtual solutions

in 2017 the fun dept. was tasked by our long term clients to develop solutions to connect and engage remote workers and locations. in response, we developed several pioneering solutions and continue to create more. themes run the spectrum from fun for fun’s sake, to brand-building and values enhancement. the possibilities are unlimited!

virtual video connect

virtual video connect brings the excitement and energy of an in-person delivery, directly to any screen or device. we use our same proprietary process to craft a digital version of the same fun programming we offer in person.

– all-inclusive activities
– non-strenuous physical challenges
– creative contests
– trivia and games
– team connect

break box

curated by experts, each break box are custom designed to live and sustain your brand and values. learning and memory are proven to enhance exponentially through play – break box takes the words off the wall and puts them into action.

every box contains a reusable single-serving of fun for teams of 4-20 at a time: all of the props, supplies and instructions for an all-inclusive activity are included. each activity is designed to inspire company values, engagement, and connections for your employees.

minimum first-time order of 100 required. design and set-up fees may apply. click here for a free consultation and proposal!

virtual high 5 club

imagine budget-friendly, quarterly fun for the entire year – custom tailored to what’s actually fun for your organization! each high 5 club activity is designed to inspire employee engagement, big laughs, light physical activity and friendly competition.