Visit The Philadelphia Museum of Art Steps

Philadelphia Museum of Art Steps

One of the most significant tourist attractions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Works by Rubens, Monet, and van Gogh are housed there, together with four other smaller museums. The iconic Rocky Steps, which were made famous by the 1976 movie Rocky, stand at the museum’s entrance. If you’re considering a vacation to Philadelphia, don’t forget to visit the museum’s several ongoing displays as well as the scheduled events!

The Benjamin Franklin Museum

Discovering more about the man who established the nation may be entertaining and enlightening by going to the Benjamin Franklin Museum. The Franklin Court Printing Office, the oldest post office in the country, and his home are both close to the museum, which houses items from his life. After finishing your museum tour, you might want to try eating in Philadelphia’s Chinatown or shopping at Reading Terminal Market. From the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s steps, the Liberty Bell is a stunning sight.

The Woodworking Resource Center

A fascinating study into the history of woodworking and its different mediums can be found at the museum’s Woodworking Resource Center in addition to the Main Building. Visitors can view a permanent collection of around 1,200 items as well as study sections on topics ranging from the background of woodturning to pictures of wood carvings. Along with a studio for artists of every skill level, the center also offers a “claymobile” for outreach.

The Harbor Park & The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

You can go to Harbor Park for a tranquil drink. The park, which has chairs, hammocks, and a beer garden, is a nice place to relax during the summer. The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program produced more than 3000 of the city’s murals, which are all outstanding. This is a fantastic way to experience a little of Philadelphia’s waterfront’s rich heritage. If it’s your first time in Philadelphia, be sure to check out the art museum, which provides $5 draft beer and free tours.

The Rodin Museum

The Rodin Museum is yet another outstanding attraction in Philadelphia. The largest collection of French post-impressionist Marcel Duchamp’s works outside of Paris is housed in this museum. Some of his most well-known sculptures are also on display in the museum. You can tour Philadelphia’s famous landmarks for whatever price you like. Check out the adjacent Barnes Foundation, Free Library of Philadelphia, and the Free Library while you’re here as well. Over 100 flags from many nations and cultures line the Parkway, some of which are still in use today.

The Painted Bride Art Center

Visit the Painted Bride Art Center if you wish to express yourself a little more creatively. This nonprofit gallery exhibits a range of artists from across the nation. It is housed in a former church and holds several events all year long. Take a picture with the LOVE sculpture for your Instagram! You’ll be happy that you did! Don’t forget to visit the Magic Gardens while you’re in Philadelphia! A special outdoor work of folk art, the enchanting mosaic maze between 10th and 11th streets pays tribute to the 646 Philadelphians who served in the Vietnam War.

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